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Due to the positive and heartly feedback received after the Heart Soul Meditation Tour 2010, we are happy to announce another tour for February/March 2011.


Please contact us if you are interested to cooperate with us by hosting a class or workshop and feel free to forward this information to those who could.


The 2011 New Zealand Tour

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Possible Dates and Venues

The tour will be starting in the last week of February and will go right through to mid March 2011. The following partners have already confirmed their interest.

Please let us know if you want to be part of the tour or know a studio or retreat who could be.


Location, Date   What Info under
Waiheke Island, Thu, 3rd March
6:30 - 8:30pm
Surya Namaskara Mantras The Breathing Space
09 372 4556 (Steph)
Havelock North, Fr, 4th March
6:00 - 8:30pm

B-R-E-A-T-H-E Yoga
06 874 60 39 (Doris)

Gisborne, Sat, 5th March
1:00 - 3:00 pm

The Yoga Room Gisborne
06 863 0020 (Deborah)

Taupo, Fri, 18th March
5:30 - 8:00 pm

Yoga Tree Taupo
021 136 8793 (Anandi)

Hamilton, Sat, 19th March
7:30 - 9:30 pm

The Theosophical Society
07 856 6332 (Vicky)

Cooperation Arrangement & Declaration of Funds Usage

Baleno is funding the teacher's expenses and travel costs to New Zealand, so we are in a position to offer these classes without cost obligation for the hosting venue or its visitors.

If the local partner charges entry, we usually split this 50/50. Alternatively, if the class is offered entry free, any donations resulting from the class are welcome. In any case both funds proceed to the tour/travelling costs within New Zealand.

Contact us for more information...

The Living Reflections Book: Now available Online!

To the Living Reflections Website...Baleno's publication "Living Reflections", a collection of inspirational quotes is now available online.


First published in 2008, this small book features beautiful photos of mother nature and quotes of wisdom inspired by universe.

The online version was created with the help of issuu and is available for free viewing under

Please have a look and if you like it share this link with your friends and family.


Contact us if you're after a physical copy of the book...



The Heart Soul Meditation Website

To the Heart Soul Meditation Website...

During the Heart Soul Meditation classes in India, New Zealand and Germany we've been asked many times if there is a homepage or place where we could all reconnect and ask further questions.

We've now created such a page on: - there is also a special section with additional files to download (pdfs, videos, sound files, images...) and a forum to ask questions and connect with each other. If you have personally visited a Heart Soul class already, please let us know and we'll send you a login.


Feel free to share this link with anybody you know who might be interested and send us your feedback with suggestions & ideas.

Local Facilitators: A Big Thank You!

We want to sincerely thank all the local partners and facilitators who make these events possible. It is not easy to organize a nation-wide event series and it is certainly most impossible without the help of volunteers.


Once again thank you very much for all your support and please contact us if you are available for further volunteer work. We need you.


Kind regards,


Toby Ruckert, Trustee

Margit Brusda, Trustee


BALENO Foundation

Donations Welcome!

The Baleno Charitable Foundation is reliant on donations from the public, sponsors and grants. Your support will help us to provide free classes, events and funds for research into early detection tests for not yet physically manifested diseases as well as public education on Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing.

Bank Kiwibank Limited
A/N 38-9007-0550946-00
Name Baleno Charitable Trust


If you want to leave an online donation, you can do so here:

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Sue Grbic


Sue Grbic
Albany Yoga Room


quote 1I have hosted Tarun a number of times at the Albany Yoga Room and each time I have been really happy with the feedback I have received from students. Tarun has a lovely gentle energy and a humble sincerity that shines through his teachings. In a world filled with self-important so-called spiritual teachers it’s very refreshing to come into the sweetness and light of the real thing. I especially recommend the Heart Soul meditation that Tarun teaches. It is a lovely starting point for students wishing to have their own meditation practice. I think it would be wonderful if yoga studios all over New Zealand would work together with the Baleno Foundation to help bring these lovely teachings to more students.quote 1

Feedback from Students

quote 1My mother′s Coccyx pain got better after doing the self healing part in Heart Soul meditation.quote 1


quote 1Initially I used to suffer from obsession of negative thoughts. After doing meditaiton instead of flowing those negative thoughts, I asked my self why these negative thoughts are continuing? That insight during meditation solved my problems by 95%, now I am feeling well both physically and mentally. And I hope that my psychological state will improve through Heart Soul Meditation. Thanking you again.quote 1


quote 1It was an excellent experience for me! Thank you very much. All the bestquote 1


quote 1Thank You so much for this information. I really enjoyed meeting you all and hope to see you again.quote 1


quote 1I have severe fear from my Child hood. After doing this mediation and healing methods it's getting better.quote 1


quote 1I have done 2 heart soul meditations since and for the duration of the day have felt an openness of my heart and feeling of supporting love and safety. I love the feeling of the radiating light from the heart soul.quote 1

This series of Events is sponsored by:

The World Angel Healing Foundation

Wellness Shop


More sponsors are needed!

Please contact us if you can help with accomodation, media, financial or other support.


Thank you very much!